Spirit Beast Enlightenment

Spirit Beast Enlightenment


The world of Spirit Beasts was vast and endless. All over the universe, young men and women dreamed of contracting their first, becoming Mythical Masters and reigning supreme above all. Likewise, their parents and clans hoped to raise such a prodigy, allowing them to bear witness to the growth of a Legend.

The Valorian Clan was no different. Though, their reasoning as compared to others wasn’t quite the same. While lesser clans hoped to ascend to the skies after birthing just one genius, striking it rich and catching a glimpse at the top of the world, the Valorian Clan already stood near the pinnacle. What they wanted wasn’t a winning lottery ticket, but a worthy successor.

And, it seemed that in this generation, they would get one. But, whether or not they would be able to hold onto him was a different matter entirely.

Ryker Valorian was born with talent that none could match, but a mistake made as a toddler derailed his life beyond his control. Now 21 years old and having suffered betrayal, he finds himself stranded from home on an unknown world with no clear way back.

However, 18 years of stubbornness and planning would very soon pay off.


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